About Us

Turbo Tags & Titles is Fairbank, Alaska’s premier Department of Motor Vehicles partner, connecting local residents and those who have recently relocated to a wide variety of licensure and vehicular services required by the law.  At Turbo Tags & Titles, our goal is to provide our customers with knowledgeable, friendly, and timely service that exceeds expectations every time.  

At Turbo Tags & Titles, we pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shopping solution for all your vehicle, ID, and licensing needs.  We are committed to providing friendly and efficient service that will get you on your way as quickly as possible.

As a trusted partner of Alaska’s DMV, Turbo Tags & Titles offers the following services:

  • Titles (new, updates, or transfers)
  • Registrations (new, renewals, or transfers)
  • IDs
  • Real IDs
  • Permit Testing
  • Road Testing
  • …and more.

In our never-ending commitment to service, Turbo Tags & Titles employs experts with a passion for efficient and simple customer support.  Additionally, Turbo Tags & Titles is dedicated to seeking innovation within the industry – always investing in new, cutting-edge technology to simplify and accelerate our services to you.